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    Runner's Den Training Programs

    Runner's Den Training Programs

    Registration for the Runner's Den Fall Training Program will Open May 1, 2024
    Each Saturday Session Starts at 6:00am Starting August 17, 2024
    We are excited to announce our 13th annual, 2024 Runner's Den Fall Training Program. Together, we will prepare for one of the Valley's top Fall road races, the 49th annual Phoenix 10K/5K/Half Marathon, on November 10th, 2024.

    Are you interested in running a great race but are new to the sport and not sure how to go about getting ready?  Maybe you are thinking of running your first 1/2 marathon but don't know which training program is best for you. Perhaps you are an experienced road racer and simply interested in finding a great group of folks to train with.

    If any of these descriptions fit you, join us for our 2024 Runner's Den Fall Training Program. We will again be meeting Saturday mornings, starting August 19th and working with you to get ready for Arizona’s Original Road Race, on November 10th.

    After the success of our first two seasons of ur Sport Walking program, we will again offer it this upcoming season. Do you enjoy walking and want to challenge yourself and improve your fitness? If so, Sport Walking may be for you! What distinguishes sport walking from casual walking and fitness walking is the element of setting challenging athletic performance goals. This program will prepare you to walk the 5K or 10K race at the Phoenix 10K. Our coach Maria Peck, has created a unique program to help you improve your walking technique, which will increase your speed and endurance.

    We offer a general 10K and Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced 
    Half Marathon training programs in addition to the New Sport Walking  offeringPlease note, these titles refer to experience level at the ½ marathon distance, not speed or relative competitiveness. Our goals are to help you develop on a healthy, injury free trajectory. With our experience, we sincerely believe this is the best supervised program available in Arizona.  

    10K Program
     Can you run/walk 1-2 miles with 50% running and has set a goal of completing a 6.2 mile (10K) running event. Perhaps you have walked in a couple of 5K events, maybe not. We have the program for you to get you to the finish.

    Beginner Half Marathon Program Qualifications: 
    Can you run/walk 3 miles with 80% running and have you set a goal of completing a 13.1 half marathon event.  Perhaps you have participated in a few shorter events, maybe not.  Finish time is of no consequence. We consider this a minimum starting point. If you are not quite here yet, perhaps try the 10K Training Program we offer. Program consists of approx. 185-200 total miles of preparation.  At 11 minute pace, approximately 35 hours of running over the 12 week training schedule. Approximately 3 - 3.5 hours running per week.

    Intermediate Half Marathon Program Qualifications: 
    Athlete has successfully run a minimum of (2) half marathon events  Can run 5 miles non-stop and has the goal of running the half marathon event non-stop at a conversational pace. Program consists of approx. 230-250 total miles of preparation.  At 10 minute pace, approximately 40 hours of running over the 12 week training schedule. Approximately 3.5 - 4  hours running per week.

    Advanced Half Marathon Program Qualifications: 
    You have  successfully run a minimum of (4) half marathon events  Can run 8 miles non-stop at a conversational pace and has the goal of running the half marathon distance event at your 8K/10K PR pace. Program consists of approx. 260-285 total miles of preparation.  At 9 minute pace, approximately 40-45 hours of running over the 12 week training schedule. Approximately 3.8 - 4.3  hours running per week.

    Sport Walking Program Qualifications:

    Everyone knows walking is a safe and effective fitness activity, but have you ever considered it a sport? 
    This program is offered to anyone interested in improving their fitness and is targeting those who, when entering the program, can walk at least 1 mile continuously at a pace of 20 minutes per mile.

    We consider each of the programs outlined above the minimum amount of time/distance you need to be willing to invest in order to be successful within that program. The outlined times/distances do not include daily warm-up, stretching, cool down, post workout stretching, cross training, coffee consumption or pre-workout rituals.

                                                      2024 TRAINING PROGRAM FEATURES
    • (1) Free entry into any of the Phoenix 10K/Half Marathon/5K events
    • $100 Gift Card, Redeemable at Runner’s Den or Any Sole Sports Running Zone Location
    • (1)  $25 entry into the 46th annual Runner’s Den Pancake Run on February 2, 2025, Race is limited to the first 2,000 entrants. This guarantees you a spot if you register prior to race filling. (Opening entry fee is $48)
    • A 13-week training program, beginning August 17th, 2024.  Offered again are our 10K program, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels for the 1/2 Marathon and our Sport Walking program. 
    • Weekly supervised training runs, starting at Runner's Den. Water stations and course marking will be provided.          (Saturday mornings, starting at 6am)  Starting Saturday, August 17, 2024
    • Weekly email correspondence with program updates, reference materials and articles.
    • Permanent membership into the Runner’s Den & Sole Sports Running Zone Customer Rewards Programs
    • 10% Discount on all regularly priced items at Runner’s Den & Sole Sports Running Zone through 12/31/24.

    Fine print: excludes purchases of gift cards.

    • Access to our Runner's Den hospitality tent on Race Days (Priceless)   
    In addition, for those participants joining us at a minimum of (7) of our weekly group runs, we will be providing:
    • A 2024 Custom Runner’s Den Technical Running Shirt ($28 Value) 
    • One pair of FEETURES technical socks ($16 Value)

    Program Fee: $185
    Participation is limited to the first 300 registrants

    Should you have any training program questions, "Contact Us", using the following link: https://www.therunnersden.com/contact---training.html
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